Why Itabike

Itabike is run from Bad Ragaz, Switzerland by Frederic Damen. Frederic is passionate about ‘ciclismo’. Brought up in a Dutch cycling family, he was an amateur rider himself, but was fiddling more with his bike than actually training on it. He likes to ride his own De Rosa though and recently started (2016) ITABIKE, because he wants share his passion for Italian bikes and provide you with your own nice ride (and deliver the Campagnolo part that are always so hard to get…). Frederic lived in Italy himself, speaks Italian and knows his way around in the cycling scene. He rode from Holland to Tuscany on a Daccordi in 2012 and from Switzerland to Tuscany in 2016.

Since we are not an Internet shop and believe in personal advice, your orders (also bike parts) run via e-mail or telephone. I will react the same day.

Please send Frederic an e-mail for you bike part order (e.g. tires, braking pads etc.), information or an appointment: info@itabike.com
Of course you can also give me a phone call directly at 079-4302998.

We deal in premium Italian racing bikes: De Rosa, Daccordi and Bianchi. The first two brands are tailored to your measures and the further design options are wide (frame materials, parts, coloring). For instance a De Rosa you can still order as a steel frame for a retro look or just to have a cool, leisure ride and still it will fit you like a tailored suit. Bianchi is more a mass produced bike and will be delivered in standard frame measures. Therefore, it can also be delivered as a cheaper option.
Let’s be honest…I would not buy an Italian car per se. However you can’t compare cars with racing bikes. The Italians have invented the racing bike and still invent a lot till this day in the racing world. Bianchi already produced racing bikes in 1885! The gearing system has been invented by Campagnolo in the early twenties and has invented recently also the electronic gearing system. So Italian racing bikes stand for quality, dedication, design, passion and invention.
A bike in your measures will fit you like a glove. It also has been built up to your wishes. Obviously it is not the cheapest bike around. However, we claim that we can deliver you the cheapest possible Italian customized bikes. That is, because we don’t work with fancy stores and intermediates. It directly gets ordered at the Italian manufacturer (De Rosa, Daccordi or Bianchi). Still personal advice is crucial in ordering a customized bike. That’s why we are not an internet shop or an order portal.