How it works

It starts with a budget that you have in mind. As you may imagine, a customized bike of a premium Italian brand is not the cheapest option around and price is depending a lot on the materials and parts that you want to have on your bike. Think of a starting point of circa 3000 CHF. Bianchi are standardized bikes and can be delivered from circa 1750 CHF onwards. Also, we have second hand bikes on stock, which might be an option for you as well. Still exclusive Italian brands, but of course friendlier in pricing (starting from circa 500 CHF)!
Once you have defined your budget we make an appointment to ‘scan’ you. All your measures will be noted and are the input for your tailored frame and bike.
You get personal advice. This is about the bike itself and bike parts, but also design and coloring. We will incorporate all the wishes you might have in our advice. It also depends on the purpose you want to use you bike for: leisure, sport or riding as fast and long as you can!
With al your measures and wishes we order your bike. Directly at the Italian factory; so no intermediates which makes you tailored bike still so affordable.
We deliver your bike personally all over Switzerland without extra charges. You can also choose to pick it up yourself at Itabike. We find this personal delivery important, so that we can give you a last piece of advice around your setting (of saddle and steering bar for instance). All bikes are delivered with the guarantee of the manufacturer.